What would World Famous Movie Characters Look Like with Modern Beauty Standards?

With the development of technology it is now possible to turn yourself into a Hollywood star in a matter of seconds without even lifting a finger. Other than that we can also use the technology to experiment with other people using the wide variety of face changing apps available. 


A lot of our fans are obsessed with movie characters. Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of how famous movie characters would look with modern beauty standards. We hope you will enjoy them.


© East News

2.Rachel Green

© NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News

3.Anakin Skywalker


4.Jon Snow

© HBO/Ferrari Press/East News


6.Ace Ventura

© Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

7.Iron Man

© null/Everett Collection/East News

8.Jay gatsby

© East News

9.Sansa Stark

© Helen Sloan/HBO/Photoshot/East News

10.Katniss Everdeen

© East News

11.Daenerys Targaryen

© HBO/Ferrari Press/East News



Which of these movie characters did you find the most surprising? Let us know if you want to see more famous movie characters like this.


Written by Barbarz Steelz

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