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Using AI To See What 30 Cartoon Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

Just like our previous post, we have done our best to compile a new and prolonged list featuring many more famous cartoon characters ever created.

Just like our previous post, we have done our best to compile a new and prolonged list featuring many more famous cartoon characters ever created. We have done our best to show Homer Simpson, Flynn rider, Lilo Pelekai, and many more to show what they would look like if they were magically turned into humans. 

Thanks to you all, the first part of our project went viral. With all of that being said, now let’s enjoy the part of the project.

#1 Lilo Pelekai From Lilo & Stitch

When it comes to editing images for this series, it took us about an average of two and a half hours. But it depends on the cartoon character that we are working on. Some cartoon characters are easier than others, and some are hard to design. So, it’s pretty situational if you ask me.

#2 Dash From The Incredibles

#3 Bruno Madrigal From Encanto

We also like to bring future characters to real life. Well, many of our followers suggested a lot of other characters too. Recently we have been getting a lot of suggestions like Barbera.

#4 Joe Gardner From Soul

When we were working on this project, we decided to continue to draw some of our favorite characters for this collection. Cartoon characters like Simpsons and the Heman we fun to edit.

#5 Flynn Rider From Tangled

#6 Raya From Raya And The Last Dragon

#7 Tiana From The Princess And The Frog

We are also working on a new project right now. After this, our latest project will probably be the celebrities who passed away too soon. Stay connected with us to check it out. After our blog posts went viral, we were pleased about our accomplishments. It’s fascinating to know that we can make people happy with our work. It certainly is our inspiration for our future work. 

#8 Mulan

#9 Mirabel Madrigal From Encanto

It’s pretty tiring when we are working on these characters, especially when trying to make the cartoon characters look like modern-day people. Even though it’s tiresome, we are happy because people seem to be enjoying them.

#10 Pepa Madrigal From Encanto

#11 Homer Simpson

#12 Violet Parr From The Incredibles















#13 Julieta Madrigal From Encanto

#14 Ursula From The Little Mermaid

#15 Luisa Madrigal From Encanto

#16 Barbie

#17 Prince Naveen From The Princess And The Frog

#18 Cinderella

#19 Evil Queen From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

#20 Hercules

#21 Maleficent

#22 Lisa Simpson

#23 Li Shang From Mulan

#24 Peter Griffin From The Family Guy

#25 Tarzan

#26 Belle From Beauty And The Beast

#27 Marge Simpson

#28 Annabelle From The Conjuring

#29 He-Man From The Masters Of The Universe

#30 Princess Merida From Brave

What do you think about the new cartoon characters? Did you find this interesting? We would love to hear your thoughts.



Written by Barbarz Steelz

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