Top 10+ Hidden Features of Everyday Things you Use

Therefore today we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of the top 10+ hidden features of everyday things you use. 

In the old days when people started making new equipment, every single tool had a specific purpose to do. Due to the fast development of technology, a lot of numerous types of equipment were developed to make things much easier. As a result from can openers to tape measuring machines, even the tiny designs on the tools look unuseful, but most of them have an important purpose.

Therefore today we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of the top 10+ hidden features of everyday things you use.

Tiny Holes on Padlock

Did you ever think the small hole in a padlock is designed for a purpose? I guess it’s no. This hole is specially designed to drain the water that gets inside the padlock. Moreover, it can also be used to pour oil into the padlock so it doesn’t get jammed.

Loop of shirt (In back)

You might have noticed that there is a loop in the backside of collared shirts. This practice has come from Navy seals. Back in the day, Navy seals used this loop to hang their shirts on hooks. However, these days, it’s considered class and style.

Random buttons on Jeans

The use of these buttons on jeans is to make sure that they don’t get torn out easily. Levi Strauss of the first company that brought this idea for their Levi’s range.

Flaps on juice boxes

These flaps on juice boxes are designed to make it easy for children to hold them.

Dents on golf balls

The reason for dents on golf balls all comes to science. They are specially designed because golfers found that the balls with dents on them travel further when compared to balls without dents.

Arrow on the gas gauge

The arrow on a gas gauge is designed to let you know the side of the car where the filler cap is located. If you are using your car, this won’t be much useful for you. But this can come in handy if you are using a rental car.

Old erasers with two colors

We all thought that the blue part of the eraser was to erase ink. But that’s not the real reason. It was specially designed for paper artists as they needed an eraser with a little bit of sensitive friction.

The reason why doorknobs are made with brass

Brass is an expensive substance. Ever wondered the reason behind most doors being made of brass? Brass knobs are used in most doors as they recover quickly from germs and bacteria.

Tiny holes in airplane windows

Everyone is curious about the freaky holes in airplane windows. These holes, also known as breather holes are designed to control the drop of air pressure when airplanes gain altitude. These holes help the cabin pressure to stay at a safe level.

57 logo on ketchup bottles

The 57 logos in ketchup bottles are designed to make it easy to get sauce out of the bottle. Just turn the ketchup bottle at a 45-degree angle and tap on the 57 logo. Thank me later.

 What’s the use of extra fabric with clothing?

These extra fabrics with clothing are used to test out materials in a washer – whether it shrinks or the colors bleed.

Use of the cylinder at the end of a cable cord

This cylinder is designed to prevent your device from harm caused by electromagnetic interference.

Removable headrests in cars

The headsets in cars are designed to break the window if you ever get stuck inside your car. This can be a lifesaver for you. So make sure to use it if you ever find yourself in trouble.

Color codes on different toothpaste tubes

You will notice a different color on the bottom of the toothpaste. Ever wondered the reason?

These are known as eye marks and they help machines in the process of assembling to determine to cut the toothpaste and fold it for packaging.

A trick to reheat your plate in a microwave

You know it’s frustrating because the middle part of your food doesn’t get heated properly in microwaves. To solve this problem, arrange your food leaving a hole in the middle to make it heated properly.

What do you think of these hidden tricks? Did you already know any of these?

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