People Who Did Extremely Dumb Things To Be Popular On Social Media

People turn to social media because their friends and relatives don’t offer them adequate support. Is it possible to receive too much affirmation? No matter how many likes and shares a post receives, people always seem to want more of them. Sadly, some people will go to extreme lengths to get those likes and shares.

The forum r/justforsocialmedia exposes attention seekers who will do anything for a shot at instant fame. For example, “eating and drinking from a toilet bowl” and “throwing away a child because they can’t be used for recordings” are examples of mad behavior.

01. I adore it.

Reddit/ Rancid_Remnants

02. Bali Police Arrest Influencers for Wearing a Fake Mask Prank Video Will Be Deported “As Soon As Practical.”

Reddit/ t_a_6847646847646476

03. All That Food Was Wasted Just To Get A Picture.


04. Ants… A lot of ants.

Reddit/ swangin82

05. Simply a joke.


06. Using A Strong Laser To Burn People And Receiving An Airport Ban For Clout


07.Tiktok Has to Be Halted.


08. Create a cake for your grandson that *they* will enjoy.

Reddit/ redditboy123451

09. Using your grandmother’s passing as a pretext to show off your tattoos.

 Reddit/ brbarr324325

10. Your brain is dead for social media.


11. Ummm.


12. Excellent Way To Destroy Your Life And The Lives Of Others.


13 For a Tiktok, a girl destroys her boyfriend’s PS5.


14. At Auschwitz, booty shots.




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