My collection of 25 comics features cute animals who provide a good example for us humans (New Pics).

To convey happiness, I made the touching comic book “Buddy Gator” about an alligator.

To convey happiness, I made the touching comic book “Buddy Gator” about an alligator. I never anticipated getting so much love and support, including more than 680k Instagram followers so far! We appreciate everyone who participated in Buddy Gator’s adventure. I’m eager to continue telling you guys Buddy Gator tales. Love to you all.

A pleasant and amiable alligator, Buddy Gator. Maybe when we’re having problems, we all need a friend like him.


Since I was a young child, I always enjoyed drawing. I watched a lot of cartoons and read a lot of comic books as a child, and today I recall them with fondness. That encouraged me to pursue my own artistic career. One day, I hope my work may help others create some pleasant memories as well.



At the beginning of the global epidemic, on June 26, 2020, I began the Buddy Gator comics. Everyone was going through difficulties at the time, so I wanted to make something that brought them a little bit of joy.



As opposed to the usual “cute characters” like teddy bears, cats, rabbits, etc., I was considering making a cute main character for the series. The alligator was my choice since I felt that the main character needed to be unique.

Alligators can occasionally make us feel uneasy due to their large mouths, cutting fangs, and intimidating tails. However, even though the camera doesn’t show it, I believe alligators may also be kind and charming. As a result, Buddy Gator is an alligator of a distinct species—a nice and hospitable alligator. It’s similar to how most of what we observe in real life is only on the outside, while the true personalities are hidden.



I encourage anyone who hopes to pursue a career as a comic book artist to put in a lot of effort and persevere because they will eventually find the proper path. The greatest place to start is on social media. You can also submit your cartoons to Bored Panda, which does assist to increase the exposure of our comics.





















Written by Barbarz Steelz

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