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John C. McGinley Stopped Away From Acting To Devote His Life to Kids With Down Syndrome

We all know that there are no limits to a parent’s love. Almost all moms and dads are willing to ensure their children have the best life possible

We all know that there are no limits to a parent’s love. Almost all moms and dads are willing to ensure their children have the best life possible. After the Hollywood actor John c. Mcginley’s first child was born with Down Syndrome, he decided to step away from his career to devote his life to his little boy. The actor’s story shows us that family always comes first no matter what. 

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John c. Mcginley became a famous actor around the world after his award-winning movies like Se7en and Platoon. He even acted 9 years as Dr. Perry Cox, in the popular sitcom, Scrubs. However, John found his biggest reward back at home after becoming a dad at the age of 38. His first baby boy, Max was born on August 31, 1997. It was then that he and his ex-wife found out that their son had down syndrome. 

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John and his wife had no amniocentesis and they were in good shape. Even their family history didn’t have any disorders and they were also told that the fetus was in a good condition. Considering all these factors they didn’t expect their son to have this condition. 

The actor has told that he didn’t have any idea about down syndrome back in the day and it was a bit complicated as a new dad at the beginning. John also opened up about feeling “crazy blame” wondering what he could have done wrong for his son to be born with this condition. 

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Despite the fact he didn’t know anything about down syndrome, John decided to stop acting and give his time to reading, attending seminars, and finding everything about down syndrome so he could grow up Max in the best conditions possible. 

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Even now he hasn’t taken place in any acting roles and continues to take care of Max and his 2 younger daughters. He also serves on the board of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. 

He didn’t stop by just taking care of Max’s well-being. He has been an international spokesperson for Down syndrome and he raises awareness about it promoting better opportunities for people with disabilities. 


John also takes part in the single biggest fundraiser for people with down syndrome,  which also involves a lot of support from other celebrities. 

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Max is now 25 years old and he is living his best life. John is proud of him and has revealed that “Max is healthy and fantastic. He’s got a job at Starbucks, he plays in a band, and has a concert in a couple of weeks.’’ He added, ’’He’s in great shape right now.”


After all these efforts, John seems to be happy and he was able to make his life goal of becoming a better father a reality. 


What do you think of this story? Do you think that family comes first no matter what? Let us know your answers in the comments down below.

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