In a full-body suit, a third-grade teacher instructs a science lesson.

There was always that one instructor who gave it their all when instructing the class, who always cared, and who never gave up. That was the kind of instructor Verónica Duque was. The 43-year-old decided to use a full-body suit that depicted the human body in great detail to creatively teach her third-grade science pupils about anatomy.

Verónica told the Anomalous club, “I’ve been teaching for 15 years now. I impart knowledge in the fields of art, social science, English, and Spanish. “An advertisement for an AliExpress bikini appeared as I was browsing the web. Knowing how difficult it is for children this age to comprehend the location of internal organs, I figured it was worthwhile to attempt. She is currently a third-grade teacher and is constantly looking for new approaches to effectively engage kids’ brains and impart knowledge.


After her husband Mike tweeted the images, the teacher gained immediate notoriety. Her tweet, which received over 70K likes and 14K comments, has elevated her to a symbol of imagination and perseverance. But she hasn’t finished yet. Verónica has lots of creative ways to delight her students.

I made the decision to utilize disguises for historical courses a long time ago,” she remarked. “I’m also teaching my students about grammatical categories like nouns, adjectives, and verbs using cardboard crowns. many “grammar kingdoms,” if you will.

“I want society to cease viewing teachers as bureaucratic, sluggish public workers. We most certainly are not.



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