Had a bad day? You will Feel Fine After Seeing These Photos

Did you have a bad day? Not just you, everyone in the world have a bad day now and then. Today we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of photos that will make you feel comfortable even if you had a bad day. 

These are some photos of frustrating things that have ruined the days of people. We hope you will feel a lot lucky after seeing these pictures. 

Good Morninggggg – NOT!!!

Nobody’s Going “Snow here”

Bro!, Just Don’t Look Back’

When Life Doesn’t Want You To Win

Every Woman’s Nightmare

Surprise, Hooman!

recious Facial Expression

Skip Day


My Car Ate My Keys


A Crunchy Flavor Added


A Lesson Learned The Hard Way


Having The Worst Day


Modern Art?


Car Seat Feels Thirsty As Well

Not The Right Place

Next Time Roll Up The Windows

No More Thrill Seeking

When Your Memory Screws You Big Time

Oh, It Must Be Monday


Damn You, Stupid Car!


When You Are Allergic To The Allergy Test


When You Don’t Understand German Expressions


Flight Horror Show

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Self-peeling Bananas


Main Reason Why Offices Aren’t Based Outside

What Can Be Done Now


Time to Wear An Open Neck Shirt


Oh Well…


A Sign From Mother Nature?


When the Sprinkler Hates Only You


That Looks Cool…Oh, Wait!




Stress Relief

Unlucky Halloween

When Machine Turns Against You


Hey, Here is Your Phone’


Snake On A Car


Is That a UFO?

You Better Take An Uber




This Apple Won’t Keep The Doctor Away


Evil Toner Powder

“Paint Oneself Into A Corner”


“Thong Guy”


Someone Must Be Pulling Their Hair Out


A Nightmare About To Come True


It’s None Other Than Monday


I Quit’


Yes, It Happens In Real Life As Well

Spray Tan Tears Won’t Go Away


Did You Bring The Fishing Rod?’


Did You Bring The Fishing Rod?’


Oh, Crap!


Ah, The Irony


Lucky Escape


That’s Not Milk


Invest In Some Toys and Not A Phone


Jealous Scissor


Cop’s Worse Nightmare


This officer is sad because his favorite donut shop is closed. 


Which of these photos made you feel lucky? Share your answers in the comments section. 


Written by Barbarz Steelz

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