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    I Crochet Miniature Animals, Birds And Other Creatures (12+ Pics)

    Hello, my name is Anna and I make cute miniature toys. I started sewing and crocheting many years ago when I was a child. My dream is to see my works make other people happy. I crochet miniature animals, birds and other creatures. I hope you’ll like my work! Have a good day and good luck! More […] More

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    12 Famous Hollywood Child Actors Who Are Parents Now

    Child actors become a big part of our childhood. With their amazing talents and cuteness, they really leave us with a massive impression and we still remember them.  However, the childhood actors we used to love are now adults. Some of them are still continuing to work as actors with cooler roles and some others […] More

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    15+ Actors Who Became Unrecognizable in Movie Roles, Proving The Power of Makeup

    It’s common for actors to undergo dramatic transformations in movies. A lot of Oscar awards also go to acting roles with heavy prosthetics and makeup in actors’ performances. These transformations can also depict an actor’s commitment to a role. In most cases, the audience can’t even recognize most actors and are shocked when the secret […] More

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    6 Most Beautiful Child Models That We Can’t Seem To Look Away

    There are beautiful people of all ages and sizes. However, children are the most adorable and cutest among all of them. Their cuteness is a strong force to be reckoned with. Seeing their cute little faces, makes our hearts get warmer.  Without a doubt, all children are beautiful and there are no unattractive children in […] More

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    7 Famous Hollywood Actors Who Never Won An Oscar

    Most famous Hollywood actors and directors have never won an Oscar. Despite numerous nominations over their careers, many talented and deserving actors go home empty-handed. For example, Peter O’Toole, one of the greatest actors of all time, was nominated for an Oscar a couple of times, but he never won.  Even Alfred Hitchcock, one of […] More

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    9 Celebrities Who Woke Up With New Ideas to Change Their Style

    Fashion is something that always keeps changing with time. Aesthetic looks are the latest kind of trend in fashion. Even celebrities like Kendal Jennifer have bleached their eyebrows in a pale blonde color. Others like Kristen Stewart keep with the stunning red hair. Regardless of the place they are, more and more celebrities are looking […] More

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    Kourtney Kardashian Made Out With Travis Barker In Front of A Crowd And The Reaction Of Tourists Are Priceless

    Kourtney and Travis’s makeout session was witnessed by a lot of tourists including perplexed children.  Looks like they are still the world’s most PDA filled a couple They went on to publish their romance last year. Now the married couple is quite famous for their shameless makeout sessions in a lot of places.    View […] More

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    Top 5 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Met on Set

    Celebrities are people just like us and most of them meet their other half at the workplace. Unlike many of our workplaces, they usually include fancy trailers, exotic locations, date-ready hair, and beautiful makeup. Here is a list of some famous celebrity couples who met on set.  1. Mile Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis […] More

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    Famous Hollywood Actors Who Are Also Great Singers

    Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence had a song on the Billboard top 20? Or that Kristen Bell sings the songs on Frozen?  Both of them are “double threats”, a team used to describe a multi-talented performance – maybe an actor who can sing well or a singer who can act. Today we at Anomalous […] More

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    The Top 5 Famous Celebrities With Disabilities

    People with disabilities often get judged by their appearance and aren’t treated as others in society. They even have to face being disrespected and undervalued in different situations. Everyone’s health and disabilities should be their own private matters. However, it’s hard for celebrities to hide them when they are famous worldwide.  A lot of people […] More

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    Here’s the Grand Reveal Of One-Legged Man Dr. Epic for Holloween

    No matter what year it is, It’s really hard for us to be patient until Halloween arrives. It’s not just because of the candies and pumpkins we get to carve. John Sundquist’s imaginative costumes are the real reason that gets us hyped up and we are waiting.  John is a comedian, motivational speaker, and a […] More

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