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    We Found A Stylist Elderly Duo who Inspires The Whole Fashion World

    #01 Even though we think that fashion is for the younger generation, looking at the photos of these elderly couple Gunther Krabbenhoft and Britt kanja proves that age is just a number for fashion. The couple always likes to dress well. 75-year-old Krabbenhoft likes wearing a three-piece suit complete with a variety of hats, while […] More

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    19 Times Dogs Saved Everyone and Became Heroes

    Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures to humans. They don’t hesitate to put their lives in danger whether it’s about saving a human or an animal.  A lot of them even babysit and look after our kids too. Even though we do not recommend this, it’s heartwarming to see how they protect our […] More

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    19 Unexpected Occurrences Made an Ordinary Day Extra Memorable

    To make every day special, you don’t have to step on Mt. Everest. Just take a look around, and you might find little things that aren’t the norm. Even a random pigeon on the street can make you laugh with the way it eats bread. We at Anomalousclub love every day and are sharing pictures […] More

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    9 famous men who can teach the entire world the meaning of love

    Celebrity men are frequently admired for their success, fortune, dominance, and good looks. However, some of them are to be admired for their steadfast commitment to their loved ones. Fans frequently wonder if true love actually exists because romances and marriages frequently end prematurely, especially in show business. Fortunately, there are some excellent examples who […] More

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    20+ Photos from Family Treasures gives Life to Past Time

    Time is the most precious asset. But, owing to photography, we can capture certain magical moments, preserve them alive for decades, and recap them whenever we feel lonely. It’s even more fun to try to reproduce a treasure from your family book in the present day and see how life has evolved over the years.  […] More

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    Then vs Now: Here’s How 13 Famous Movie And TV Duos Look Like Now

    Re-watching old movies or TV shows is like visiting a friend we haven’t seen in ages. It can take us back in time and give us a chance to escape the real world to a place that is familiar and comforting us. Today we are Anomalous brought you a compilation of pics that demonstrate how […] More

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    Here Are 17 Photos That Were Taken At The Right Time And Right Place

    Most photos are still supposed to be frames. However, there are some lucky shots that look as if they’re in motion at first glance. These photos only happen when it’s clicked at the perfect timing, the right place, and a  little luck combined together. The special thing about them is that they happen when we […] More

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