A 19-year-old girl gives her father 65% of her liver.

It is typical to hear retailers praise parents for the wonderful things they do for their kids. They are after all a part of us, and we would do anything to make sure they were secure.

Rakhi Dutta, a 19-year-old from Calcutta, India, is an example of how a kid may give their life for their parents. She was doing everything in her power to save her father, who was fighting for his life. Her father, who was very important to her, lived longer as a result.

A friend of Dutta Devarchita Das’s message regarding what this young lady had done got viral. To save her father’s life, she gave him 65% of her liver. Sudip Dutta spent 20 days at a nearby hospital while testing positive for hepatitis B. Although his condition worsened, his oldest daughter Ruby decided to release him. He was brought to the Gachibowli, Hyderabad location of the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG). Ruby intended to give her liver.


However, the testing revealed that Ruby was not a suitable donor, but her other daughter, Rakhi, made the decision to step in and take the proper action. A 15-hour procedure and 105 tests were required to complete the transplant. In the end, his father received roughly two-thirds of her liver. Although your own liver will fully regenerate in 3 to 4 months, it was still a brave deed.

Sudip was in danger throughout the procedure, but he managed. He stood with her daughter for a picture showcasing their similar scars following the procedure and after healing. An Indian businessman from Mumbai named Harsh Goenka used this tale to illustrate how much Rakhi loved her father. He is also making an effort to combat rural India’s pervasive unfavorable perception of girls.

Rakhi Dutta, 19, gave her father, who had a terrible disease, 65% of his life without even considering the scars, the discomfort, or any potential danger in the future. He said, “A retort for all those who say daughters are useless.” In some rural areas of India, the communities still adhere to the previous caste system. This entails giving the girl a dowry when she marries. It frequently undervalues women, and girls occasionally don’t value themselves as highly as their offspring.

This tale is a great illustration of how outdated ideas can be. Social media users from all around India soon joined the tale and expressed their affection for their own daughters.

“In 1977, when she was still an undergraduate, my mother and my grandfather (her father) are shown here. She gave her father a kidney during a period when doing so was frowned upon. better, sir,” a speaker wrote.


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