9 Celebrity Couples Who Had A First Date To Remember

There’s nothing more common than 2 celebrities forming a couple in showbiz. It’s obvious because paparazzi and tabloids are crazy about them.

There’s nothing more common than 2 celebrities forming a couple in showbiz. It’s obvious because paparazzi and tabloids are crazy about them. However, other than the common ones, there are also love stories between celebrities that are so emotional and heartfelt, they could be a part of a romantic comedy. Some of them actually might believe that love, at first sight, is a real thing.

Today we are Anomalous brought you a collection of celebrity couples who had a first date to remember and are still together today.

1. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

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The famous punk singer took the concept of the unconventional first date to another level.. The couple had to climb all the way to the rooftop of a building to see the view of the city. And if it wasn’t enough, on their second meeting, they swam in a lake with sharks on the island of Bora Bora, proving to be a couple that doesn’t shy away from extreme challenges.

2. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

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The Oscar-winning actor Matthew and the Brazilian model met in 2006 at a club in Los Angeles. According to Matthew, it was love at first sight, and 3 days later, they met again at her home in Malibu.

3. Cardi B and Offset

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The couples had their first date, at one of the most anticipated events in American culture, The Super Bowl. According to Offset, he told that he wanted their first meeting to be something big, something that wasn’t normally done. So he decided to take her to the highly-anticipated football game.

 4. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

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The relationship of this couple didn’t start in the best way, since they met in 1997 when she and her manager, Simon Fuller, went to see a match that featured the team Beckham was playing on. Fuller himself introduced them to each other after the game, although their first impressions were not very good.

After 2 weeks things settled down and Beckham was able to invite the singer to dinner, having their first date in a pub parking lot in Essex.

5. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

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Goldie and Kurt have been a steady couple since 1983. They first met in the movie, Swing shift, where the 2 actors went on their first date at a club. Afterward, the 2 continued the night at a house that the actress had recently bought for remodeling

6. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Ryan and Blake met in 2010 on the set of Green lantern, and a year later, they had their first date at a sushi restaurant in Boston. According to Blake I it weren’t for that place, they wouldn’t be together today and no restaurant means more to them than the one where they knew they wanted to be together forever.

 7. Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara

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The relationship of Megan and Daryl began on karaoke and bowling night they shared with another couple. According to what she said, they kissed for the first time in the alley of the place, she asked her security to wait outside because she didn’t want them to be seen.

8. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

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The famous leader of the Jonas Brothers and the star of Game of Thrones are one of the most famous couples today. Their first date took place in a regular bar, where Jonas invited Turned by sending her a private message on Instagram.

According to Sophie, it was the simplicity with which he introduced himself, in a natural way, behaving like another friend in a commonplace, that made her fall in love and resulted in them being married today.

9. Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

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The relationship between the Mexican actress and the French businessman began in a strange way. Salman attended an event to which she was invited by her friends. However, she was unaware that she was actually going on a blind date. At the same time, Francois though she knew they were going to meet, so it was an awkward first date for both of them.

Luckily, the couple bounded back from that failed first meeting and have been married since 2009. They also share a beautiful daughter together.

The couple have been married since 2017 and they share 2 children together.

What’s the first date you remember the most? Would you like to share any curious experiences with us?

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