50 Incredible Transformations Of People Who Used to Be Ugly

Growing up can be a bit shameful for unattractive people. However, no one knows whether you will remain ugly or turn into a handsome man or a beautiful woman. There are a lot of teen to adult transformations that we can’t even recognize if it’s the same person.

So we at Anomalous Club decided to bring you a collection of some incredible transformations of people who used to be ugly. It’s more important to become a good person than to be someone with a better look. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look the way you want to be.

#1 From About 11ish(?) To 25. My Skin Cleared Up, I Got Braces, Learned How To Make Up And Fill In My Eyebrows. I Was Made Fun Of/Very Lonely Growing Up, And I Feel The Way That I Looked Had A Big Impact On Why I Am The Way That I Am Now. “Be Kind”


#2 16-19 Or: How I Learned To Start Shaving And Escape The Neckbeard


#3 Age 14 To 19. Lost Some Weight And Gained Some Confidence Along The Way


These are transformations from the subreddit ‘Ugly Duckling’. A lot of people share their transformation images here. The Subreddit has even grown to a community with more than 116k enthusiasts that have turned into butterflies over the past years.

‘Ugly Ducklings’ have all kinds of positive personal changes, motivational transformations, and late bloomers.

You don’t have to be ashamed of becoming a late bloomer. It may happen within days, months, or years. Human traits including physical attraction are genetics that may take decades to show up. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with becoming a late bloomer.

#4 16-20. Does This Count?


#5 12 – 24 Even My Family Doesn’t Recognize Me These Days, It’s Nice


#6 Life Begins At 40! 25 –> 40


According to Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychological author and a scientist  “There is one way of becoming an early bloomer, but there are an infinite number of ways of being a late bloomer. Also, the more complex a trait, the more ways that a child can become a late bloomer for that trait. This means that the most appreciated abilities in society, such as creativity and leadership will rarely fully present themselves at a young age, all at once,”

Kaufman also says that there is no guarantee that you will continue to become successful even if you are an early bloomer. Therefore hardware, dedication, and having clear goals and achieving them step by step are just as important as talent.

#7 13 – 25


#8 Left-13, Right-34


#9 Age 17-24, Was Bullied A Lot Growing Up


#10 12 And 29. Still, With The Short Hair And Glasses, Some Things Never Change


#11 11 vs. 28, Lost That Baby Fat And Learned How To Smile

#12 Left 12, Right 24


#13 2015 – 2019. Basically, I Cleaned Myself Up And Started Over!


#14 Then: 320 Lbs, Face Always Red, Angry At Dad, Ready To Die For Punk Rock. Now: 250 Lbs, Skin Healthier, Love My Dad, Punk Rock Is Pretty Ok But Being An Adult Is Pretty Ok Too


#15 13, 15, 20, And 27 Years Old


#16 (Spoiler Alert) I Didn’t Peak In Highschool Lol


#17 Age 12 To Age 26… Still Feel A Lot Like The Kid On The Left


#18 11—>30 Braces Were Good To Me


#19 19 To 20. I Would Like To Thank My Dermatologist


#20 A Slight Change


#21 17-24, Went Through Horrible Cystic Acne, Lost 50 Lbs, Got Braces, And Dropped An Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend


#22 4 Years Later (16-20)


#23 Age 15 To 21. Lost Some Weight, It Sucks My Eyes Didn’t Get Bigger


#24 12-27. Lost A Chin, But Gained A Smile


#25 Age ~11 To 20 – I Owe A Lot To Contacts, Braces, Filling In My Eyebrows, And My Hairline Somehow Growing Forward


#26 Mother’s Day With My Momma 2014-2018


#27 10 Year Different. Ages 13 & 23


#28 From 17 To 18, I Don’t Even Know


#29 Always Felt So Geeky In High School. I Even Went Through A Period Where I Wanted To End My Life In Middle School Because Of My Weight And Look. Now I’m In My 30’s And Feeling The Most Confident I’ve Been In My Life. Big Thanks For Braces And Lasik


#30 16 vs. 46. Took Awhile To Get Here, Lol.

#31 13-21 Puberty Really Hit Me Hard And Shot Me Up To 6ft8


#32 From 18 To 23. A Completely Different Person Now


#33 7 Years Can Make A Crazy Difference


#34 Found An Old School Photo (14/29)


#35 12 vs. 20. Had To Stop Riding The Bus+change My Classes In Middle School Because I Was Bullied So Bad For “Being Ugly”


#36 3 Years With A Lot Of Time In The Gym And Taking Care Of My Skin


#37 Me, Early 20’s Looking Troll Man To More Normal Looking Dude In His 30’s


#38 15 To 23. No Makeup For A Better Comparison


#39 Nearly Two Years Of Hard Work And Dedication. I Won’t Ever Stop!


#40 My One Regret Is Losing The Hat


#41 7 Years Apart


#42 15 → 26, From Strange Genderbender To Recognizable As A Woman


#43 18 vs. 23 Just A Late Bloomer I Guess


#44 18 To 24


#45 21 vs. 29.. Losing 100lbs Has Definitely Helped!


#46 One Year Transformation. 23 To 23 (Almost 24 Hahaha). What A Gym Membership, Self Love And A Skincare Routine Can Do For You


#47 Grew Into My Face A Little(19 vs. 26)


#48 18 To 23. Puberty Hit Me Like A God Damn Freight Train.

#49 11 To 21. Wear Your Sunblock, Folks


#50 14 To 20, Lost Weight, Took Care Of Myself And Stopped Cutting My Hair


Are you also a late bloomer? We’d love to see your transformations in the comments down below.

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