29 Best Creative Tattoo Ideas Shared By People Online

Anything that you try for the first time is probably going to be exciting. However getting a tattoo that permanently stays on your body can make you a little bit nervous. Therefore it’s important to choose a tattoo of your choice and one that matches your story. A lot of people who get tattoos do a lot of research before they get one. 


Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 29 beast creative tattoo ideas for your inspiration.

#1 Autumn Leaves

Image source: inspirationtattoo

#2 Blue Birds

Image source: mini_tattooer

#3 A Galaxy

Image source: obi1.0

#4 Creation of Adam

Image source: BreathesFreely

#5 Tattoo under UV

Image source: MrMemeFirst

#6 Dinosaur Family

Image source: east_01

#7 Siblings Tattoo

Image source: tattoobabystuttgart

#8  An Elephant

Image source: tattooist_banul

#9 A Dragonfly

Image source: _fraudi_

#10 Flower ring

Image source: haeyum.o_o

#11 My first Major Tattoo! It’s My Pup Bentley

Image source: lolidkimjustakitten

#12 Scar Cover-Up Tattoo

Image source: Yulinka17

#13 A Minimalist Bracelet

Image source: Bicem Sinik

#14 Some Patchwork

Image source: DoYouLikeFishSticks_

#15 Vines

Image source: handitrip

#16 Small Branch

Image source: heeyajenny

#17 Tattooed New Brows On A Client With Alopecia

Image source: lynneasomething

#18 A Small Painting. Les Coquelicots (Monet) By La Fragile At White Whale Tattoo Society (Padua, Italy)

Image source: mrcrs

#19 A hedgehog

Image source: haeyum.o_o

#20 Spilled Coffee

Image source: guugaa9

#21 Paper Plane

Image source: Magnetron85

#22 A Collar Bone Snake

Image source: nyinkstudio.914

#23 My Latest Tattoo, Winnie The Pooh And Friends By Ashley June At 522 Tattoo Just North Of Seattle

Image source: Acymru

#24 A Seal

Image source: buoythefishlover

#25 Decided To Get My First Tattoo On My 23rd! Thanks Ty! (Kindhand Tattoo/Menomonie)

Image source: dunham-doodles

#26 Teach A Man To Fish… Then Tattoo His Leg

Image source: FreshlyCutGrass976

#27 A Snowflake

Image source: pt78tattoo

#28 Calvin And Hobbes

Image source: thebeeink

#29 Pine Trees

Image source: leehumphs_tattooer

What do you think of these tattoos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Written by Barbarz Steelz

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