21 Oddly Satisfying Situations of Accidental Camouflage

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It becomes oddly satisfying when two unrelated things come together in a visual blend. Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 21 oddly satisfying situation of accidental camouflage. 


We hope you will enjoy these photos.

1.. The perfect nap spot

Photo: u/Appropriate_Power626/ / Reddit

2 Invisible feet

Photo: u/Okama_G_Sphere/ / Reddit

3 Find the dog

Photo: u/MaybeTheDoctor/ / Reddit

4. Hidden cracker

Photo: u/martialar/ / Reddit

5. The perfect timing

Photo: u/kitschier/ / Reddit

6. The carpet matches the leggings

Photo: u/Okama_G_Sphere/ / Reddit

7. They were out of sandals

Photo: u/Okama_G_Sphere/ / Reddit

8 Works on people too

Photo: u/AyessaV/ / Reddit

9. How many cat’s do you see?


10 Randomly spotted in the grocery store

Photo: u/plineo/ / Reddit

11Hide and seek champ

Photo: / Reddit

12. Disaster waiting to happen

Photo: u/mignone_roy20/ / Reddit

13. Find the cat

Photo: u/_patientPatient/ / Reddit

14. Missing an arm

Photo: u/Flaky_Ad_7205/ / Reddit

15 Matching socks working to well

Photo: u/elansealybass/ / Reddit

16 Works outdoors and indoors

Photo: u/RAITH222/ / Reddit

17 Where’s my ipad?

Photo: u/halhaze/ / Reddit

18. The easiest tools to lose

Photo: u/Dark_Link_1996/ / Reddit

19. Look closely

Photo: u/houseoflaughs/ / Reddit

20 They make matching floors when they like your shirt too much

Photo: u/3mnh20/ / Reddit

21. Can you spot the squeegee?

Photo: u/raychelapproves/ / Reddit

What do you think of these oddly satisfying photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.



Written by Barbarz Steelz

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