20+ Strange Photos That Make Us Happy to Look at

During breaks, Anomalousclub likes to look at strange but interesting eye candy.

Finding happiness in the things we see every day makes for a good life. This gives us even more reason to take it easy and enjoy the small things we see every day. Even if it’s a cliche, it’s worth a shot.

During breaks, Anomalousclub likes to look at strange but interesting eye candy. So, we’re excited to show you some pictures we found that are sure to please your eyes.

1. “How my sister filled the cookie jar”

© Nice_Bake / Reddit

2. “This tree was peeled like a banana by a lightning strike.”

© EyeHog / Reddit

3. “Plates of a pocket watch from 1919 after cleaning 103 years worth of tarnish”

© AreWGadmin / Reddit

4. “My avocado today was 11/10.”

© 180secondideas / Reddit

5. “The ways these buckets are stacked”

© senorderp89 / Reddit

6. “How this plate broke”

© jamesiesgirl / Reddit

7. “The pattern in my park’s grass kind of looks like the surface of a brain.”

© Grimesy2 / Reddit

8. “A good cabling job does it for me fam.”

© Derbel__McDillet / Reddit

9. “Smallest paper boats I ever made”

© CheeseCakeIsaLie / Reddit

10. “Uranium glass under UV light.”

© SCPendolino / Reddit

11. “This is how I prep and store my watermelon.”

© SpencerLass / Reddit

12. “I found the symmetry of these cars lined up at a dealership very satisfying.”

© Cutty* / Reddit

13. “My two wiener dog cups accidentally made an even longer dog.”

© pants35 / Reddit

14. “The pattern I made in this cheese while grating it.”

© DonSmo / Reddit

15. “The way my 4-year-old arranged the eggs”

© levihulsdigity / Reddit

16. “This blossom on my camellia bush”

© ac0380 / Reddit

17. “The difference a pressure washer makes. The old owners never cleaned their backyard.”

© RIPJ4WZ / Reddit

18. “The way my last 6 M&Ms were in the tube”

© benjiblack243 / Reddit

19. “The way the peg ’peels’ the snow.”

© Johnsonj76 / Reddit

20. “I am a painter for a sign company. For the last two years, I have been painting a sample of each color.”

© Zeffer77 / Reddit

21. “Peeled citrus fruits”

© Papyrophobia / Reddit

22. “Week’s worth of daily vitamins and meds, organized”

© AgingCajun / Reddit

23. “Dr. Seuss-like tree”

© MrSmeee99 / Reddit

24. “I’ve been spring cleaning and tackled my Tupperware cupboard.”

© RemorsefulAr*nist / Reddit

25. “Homemade Algerian baklava”

© KE4NO / Reddit

26. “The way the water beaded on our patio furniture”

© The_Corn_Whisperer / Reddit

27. “Night sky/electric purple sky petunias”

© evv_evelyn / Reddit

Which of these photos really caught your attention? Which one made you take a second look?

Preview photo credit Cutty* / Reddit, Zeffer77 / Reddit
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Written by Barbarz Steelz

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