20 + People Who Decided To Make Their Own Dresses And It Was The Best Decision Ever

Handmade dresses are an excellent way to express your individual style and creativity through fashion. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into making each piece is impossible to find in mass-produced clothing. The devastating impact of fast fashion and its effects on workers also contribute to the renaissance of handmade fashion.

1# I Made And Painted My Own Gown For My Graduation Ball! I Painted Over 80 Flowers, Sewed + Stoned My Dress With My Mama And Designed The Whole Thing Myself


2 # I Am Half Scottish And Half Japanese- I Hand-Sewed This Kimono From Men’s Dress Shirts And Boxer Shorts


3# My Handmade Gown. Please Rate My Work


4# I Made Myself A Dress For My PhD Graduation


5# My Mom Made This Entire Wedding Dress, She Added Lots Of Jewels By Hand. Every Day She Spent Her Time Working On It. My Mom Is So Talented And I Want Every One To Know



6# Finally Finished – Formal Dress For A Wedding I’m Attending


7# Made My Prom Dress Using A Vintage 1960s Pattern


8# I Made My Wedding Dress


So in order to get your inspiration up and flowing, anomalous ]wrapped up this list of pictures featuring people’s most beautiful, one-of-a-kind dresses that would make all the princesses jealous in no time.

From never-before-seen designs to unique materials and creative construction techniques, let’s all give a big round of applause for these dressmakers.

9# Made An Infinity Dress With The Leftover Satin I Had At Home, Self-Drafted Pattern. Had Fun Playing With This


10# Engagement Photo Dress I Designed And Constructed. This Is My First Post, Hopefully You Guys Like It


11# My Handmade Dresses For Mom And Daughters. Do You Like It?


12 # My Heart Was Heavy The Past Few Weeks And Naturally That Pours Out Into My Work. So I Made This Dress. I Hope Everyone Is Hanging In There Mentally, Change Will Come


13# Friends, What Do You Think Of This Dress I Made?


14# Belle-Inspired Ballgown For An 8th Grade Project (First Sewing Project Ever)


15# Made Myself A Strawberry Dress Of My Dreams, Along With A Matching Shirt For My Husband


16 # I’ve Made My Christmas Party Dress The Last Three Years In A Row. Here They Are


17# This Is My Cousin. She Made This Mesmerizing Dress Using 36 Recycled Clothes. She Has Made Hundreds Of Dresses As Cool As This One, Always From Recycled Clothes


18 Hi, I Made My Prom Dress By Hand. It Took Me So Long And I’m So Proud Of It


19# 17th Century-Inspired Gown. The Dress That Almost Killed My Remaining Brain Cells


20 # I Made My Own Wedding Dress. I Feel Just Okay About It, But I Thought I’d Share Anyway


21# I Made A Dress For My Eldest Daughter Evangeline


22# Made A Non-Conventional Wedding Dress


23# R2D2 Dress My Wife Made


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