20 Incredible Face To Face Meetups of People in Museums

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Have you heard about Doppelgangers? A doppleganger is an exact other double of a living person. We at Anomalous found some interesting meetups of people and their look alikes in museums. Therefore we decided to share them with you. We hope you will enjoy these photos

#1 So he goes to the art museum and this happened


#2 Both are so beautifu


#3 Forgot my helmet! 17th-century Doppelgänger @NortonSimon Museum

Source: rosswmd

#4 “I’m Henry the 8th I am”


#5 Found my dopplegänger from half a century ago in an art museum in Zurich

Source: _Melbourneer_

#6 Found my doppelgänger at the Louvre. Íñigo Melchor de Velasco


#7 Historic doppelganger time, you say?


#8 We found our baby’s doppelgänger at the gallery

Source: hifrienditsme

#9. So I found a picture of myself dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago at The MET. Apparently I was a collector of Samurai armor, I’ve drunk a lot since then so I don’t really recall but it’s totally plausible that’s it’s me


#10 Made an interesting discovery at the art museum today…


#11 Back into the ancient time

Source: 1999n12y27

#12 At least he is in a better Mood this era


#13 My best mate went to the Louvre and discovered a painting of him done many years before


#14 Re-creating the historic pose

Source: Todd Mansfield

#15 Well, I found my doppelgänger at this museum


#16 We lost our 10-inch voices


#17 Look!!


#18 Visited Paris this weekend. Just when I was about to take a picture of the Mona Lisa something better caught my eye


#19 Suspecting that we’re related…


#20 Weird Al proves he is immortal at The Louvre


What do you think about the look-alike photos of these people in museums? Let us know your answers in the comments down below.


Written by Barbarz Steelz

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