16 Incredible Transformations you Will Never Believe to Happen

There’s something special about all transformations. Be it weight loss, renovating your house or using makeup to transform yourself, all these things give us hope and remind us that it’s always possible to change ourselves. 


Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 16 incredible transformations that you will never believe are possible.

1.Transformation Tuesday.

© stop*****inggin / Reddit

2.“10 years ago vs now”

© potionsmeller / Reddit

3. “Before and after cleaning 30 years of shows from a dimmer rack.”

© fiestagato / Reddit

4. “29 lbs gained after dieting too hard, I’m finally at a healthy happy weight.”

© LobotomyCandi / Reddit

5. “Power washed 20 years of dirt and grime from the deck.”

© StnMtn_ / Reddit

6. “I decided to get rid of the beard and the hair.”

© Boonshy / Reddit

7. “This transformation is so satisfying.”

© CouponSSBoi / Reddit

8. “I restored this Powkiddy V90 — handheld retro console.”

© Saafiaa / Reddit

9. Leaving a toxic job is a different type of glow-up.

© howitsgoing2022 / Reddit

10. “First pic February 21, second pic October 23.”

© jukiel19 / Reddit

11. Who said that pets can’t glow up?

© TravelFar_RideHorses / Reddit

12. “Same dad, same boy, just one birthday later”

© Minnesotapolis / Reddit

13. “My sister and I had some awkward middle school years.”

© MsJigglypuff100 / Reddit

14. “Before and after dental veneers, weight loss, and self-care! (3 months)”

© MotherofthenightMoon / Reddit

15. “I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years.”

© caringerin / Reddit

16. “My Maya cosplay transformation.”

© Mads_five 11 / Reddit

What do you think of these transformations? We would love to hear your answers in the comments down below.


Written by Barbarz Steelz

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