15 New Mom Moments That Will Leave People Without Wanting Kids Forever

All moms have a confusing life. If you are someone who hasn’t experienced it, here are 14 moments that will leave people without wanting kids forever. 

1. Sucking snot out of your kids nose. 

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2. Then watching out all the snot you sucked drain out. 

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3. Wearing mesh panties and a pad big enough for a horse.


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4. Cleaning baby poop. 

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5. Scooping baby turds out of the tub.

6. Accepting that your body will do whatever it wants.

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7. Getting baby marks on your skin. 

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8. Wearing mismatching shoes.

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9. Think about every situation that your baby can face. 

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10. Opening the dishwasher to face this situation. 

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11. Walking into a messed up kitchen like this. 

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12. Pushing your baby around a hamper to keep them content.

13. Sleeping no more than a couple of hours at a time. 

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14. Dedicating a special area in your home for diapers. 

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15. And, finally, you also have to experience firsthand every one of these surprises. 

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Written by Barbarz Steelz

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