13 Times That brides Couldn’t Hold Back Their Happiness due to Their Dresses With Pockets

Some time back, A twitter user named Esther Kezia Thrope posted a picture on Twitter of one of her friends’ wedding. Even though everything else was normal, the bride’s wedding dress had something unusual. It was because she had pockets in her dress. 

Accordingly the bride could carry her lippy, phone or anything that she needed with her. This trend went viral and a lot of brides started having pockets in their wedding dresses. 

Image credits: EstherKeziaT

As we all know pockets are very useful things and it makes us wonder why has it taken so much for people to come up with this trend. Traditionally brides have used a bag to carry their essentials. But why not make use of the space in their billowing skirt to use it as a pocket?

Image credits: EstherKeziaT

#weeddingdresswithpockets went so viral that many women started to share their pocket stories. 

Image credits: MonFineis

This is a lesson for all the wedding designers out there. 

Image credits: traceelc

“Wedding dresses are often not designed with practicality in mind,” said Esther. “But a wedding is the one day a bride is unlikely to have a handbag handy, so pockets are more essential than ever for tissues, lipstick, and of course, snacks (no one wants a hangry bride!)”

Image credits: KateFreelance

Moreover the ability to hangout casually and have hands on your wedding day is incredibly cool.

Image credits: erinbiddlecombe

A lot of women have been demanding to have pockets in their clothes for some time. Even the jeans among the few options available can fail sometimes. 

Image credits: jorylynn24

“Pockets on women’s clothing has been a growing issue for a number of years, especially as we become more attached to our phones,” Esther continued. “It’s very rare to see any women’s clothes with adequate pocket space for an Oyster card, let alone a phone!”

Image credits: jorylynn24

“I’ve heard rumors that it’s a conspiracy between fashion houses and handbag designers – if we aren’t given pockets, we have to use handbags!”

Image credits: LaGrindley

“Having recently found a few niche retailers who do work dresses with pockets, I’m now a firm convert to proper pockets. They’re a life-saver, especially during hayfever season when it’s essential to have a pack of tissues handy at all times.”

Image credits: kellylarson21

Considering a lot of ways, wedding dresses are an ultimate expression of victory for pockets in women’s fashion. 

Image credits: JenaSands
Image credits: gsoniaa12

What do you think about this pocket trend of brides? Do you think that women’s clothing needs more pockets? If so, why do  a lot of women mock many guys who dress in cargo shorts that are pocket rich? Is it because they are jealous?

Image credits: emilywdc
Image credits: annapromdress

Written by Barbarz Steelz

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