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10 Differences Between Kylie’s Parenting And That Of Her Sisters

anomalous club was curious about Kylie’s parenting philosophy and how it compares to her sisters’. So follow along as we find out.

As parents, we all have a unique parenting approach. Each Kardashian sister maintains her unique personality when it comes to raising her children, despite coming from the same family. Kylie Jenner, the family’s youngest member, has demonstrated that she has an advantage in raising Stormi because she has had the chance to benefit from her sisters’ prior experiences.

anomalous club was curious about Kylie’s parenting philosophy and how it compares to her sisters’. So follow along as we find out.

1. She takes her time doing Stormi’s hair

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In contrast to her sister Kim, Kylie makes time to style Stormi’s hair despite her hectic schedule. Kim has struggled to style North’s hair on several occasions and has repeatedly chosen to enlist the assistance of a celebrity hairstylist.

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2. Germ-free policy

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With the exception of her sisters, Kylie prefers to host all events and get-togethers with Stormy’s friends at her home. This is done to keep the area clean. Kylie places a high value on cleanliness, and she even keeps masks in the house in case anyone needs to use one.

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Kim has a makeup-free policy for her daughter, North, similar to Kylie’s germ-free guidelines. Kim cleared out her daughter’s room of all the cosmetics. Until she reaches her teen years, North is not permitted to wear makeup. She is free to experiment with her hair in the interim and express her creativity through various hairdos.

3. Kylie allows sweets and a balanced diet

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Kylie has no issue with her daughter Stormi occasionally eating candy. This does not imply that she permits Stormi to indulge in sweets at any time, but rather that she chooses to consume a more balanced diet. Away from the restrictions, she allows her daughter to eat anything she wants while guiding her to make healthier food choices.

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Unlike Kylie, Kourtney, Kylie’s older sister, chooses an organic diet devoid of dairy and sugar.

4.  She manages to spend time with Stormi and run her business

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Kylie never goes away from Stormi for longer than a day. Even when she’s on the red carpet or conducting business, she always brings Stormi along because she values her time with the child. Even Stormi has a play area in Kylie’s office!

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Raising 4 children is no easy task for Kim, who is also very involved in her businesses and legal studies. She tries to spend as much time as she can with her kids, but she doesn’t hesitate to ask for additional assistance occasionally. Kim creates a very detailed schedule and manages every aspect of her day to balance work and family.

5. Respects her privacy

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Kylie was very protective of Stormi’s privacy, especially during her early months as a newborn. She refused to allow anyone to take her picture. She used to ask guests to leave their phones at the doorway every time they came to her house so they couldn’t take pictures of her daughter.

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Kim and Khloé are eager to snap as many pictures as they can with their kids. Kim mentioned that because children develop so quickly, pictures are a good way to document their progress. Khloé enjoys taking a lot of pictures of True, some of which she shares on social media and some of which she keeps for her own use

6. Practices self-discipline on Stormi


Travis Scott characterizes Kylie’s parenting as being more “natural,” in which they help their daughter develop self-control. Stormi is free to make decisions and consider what is best for her. Stormi makes her own decisions, such as when to go to bed, because she is aware that it is best to do so as soon as possible.

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While Khloé, Kylie’s older sister, describes as having a stricter parenting approach, Kylie describes her parenting as self-disciplined. Because of her prodigious organizational abilities, Khloé enjoys keeping a schedule and instills in her daughter True the importance of having a neat and orderly day.

7.  She teaches Stormi about body acceptance

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Being in the spotlight all the time in Hollywood may not be easy, and Kylie starts teaching her daughter about body acceptance and self-love at a very young age. Kylie, whose family is best known for its beauty and fashion businesses, wants to set an example for her daughter by telling her to love herself just the way she is.

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8. Co-parenting

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9. Kylie’s humble reminders

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10. She does not allow her daughter to watch television

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Kyle and Travis are aware of the long-term risks associated with excessive screen time. They forbid Stormi from lying around all day long watching television because of this. Instead, they prefer that their daughter engage in social interactions and enjoy life to the fullest by trying new things.


What parenting advice would you love to impart to Kylie Jenner or any other members of the Kardashian family? Let us know about it in the comments!

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